#23 — The Macaroni and Cheese Trap

TOPIC: FEAR, it’s not just a cape, but also what you feel when you think you might pass on your bad qualities to your kids. How do you deal with it? Not just for your kids sake, but your own too.

#21 — Marzipan Doritos

HOT TAKE: School is back! This means changes and probably cranky children. Jeff hasn’t seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. We’ve started showing our kids “grown up” science fiction shows like Doctor Who and Star Trek. Scott would be a very bad captain.

#20 — A Barbie Without the Baggage

Special guest alert! We are joined by Miriam Mueller to talk about gendered toys, Target’s decision to change their signage, and a little bit about why our kids don’t like the funny stuff we do. And, Full House is the worst.

"In some circles, the 'Mint 400' is a far, far better thing than the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby and the Lower Oakland Roller Derby Finals all rolled into one." - Hunter S. Thompson

#19 — A Misanthrope at My Core

Seth Clifford joins us! We talk a bit about uprooting everything and moving and what that’s like with kids. One thing that would help with the moving would be if you had your own private Island. This does have its own set of problems though so we spend a little extra time hashing it out.

#18 — Not Everything is Malicious

TOPIC: After school activities for your kids. What do we do and why is gender pressure already creeping in? The Women’s Wold Cup was great and we hope that it brings good things to everyone. Then everyone’s favorite topic, discipline! You’re probably doing it wrong (still). Some Zombie follow up too.

#17 — Family Scrum

HOT TAKE: The Apple Watch can make you a better parent. That’s what we tell ourselves anyway (well, not Jeff because he doesn’t have one. Sucker). Sam gives a trip report from a code camp in Virginia. Things derail a bit when we talk about plans for dealing with the impending Zombie Apocalypse. Sam really has a plan. Disney Princess Radio is a thing on Apple Music. Have you talked to your kids about Disney Princesses before they find out about it on the Street?

Also, we are really bad at reading our email. We'll bring it up in the next episode. And fortunately Jeff "agreed" to check it on his phone.

#16 - That’s Fine for Alton Brown

TOPIC: Sometimes you have to travel for work and leave the family behind. How do you deal with that? Then we talk some more about overparenting. Jeff shares how everybody is doing it wrong. Finally there’s some chit chat about a little game called Minecraft.

Cooking with the dog.

Cooking with the dog.

#15 — Artisanal Hand-Crafted Small-Batch Pools

HOT TAKE: How to hide/lie/sneak around your kids. Summer is good, but how do you maintain sanity and/or keep the kids tired. Should you send your kids to camp? The answer may surprise you! (The answer is “probably”).

#14 — The Opposite of Horrible

TOPIC: Bears might eat you all, but camping with kids is still fun. Sleep. Jeff unveils the mysteries of sleep training infants. Much science is dropped. We also like our kids, quite a bit. Watching them grow and how they learn is a treat. Also we dadsplain Alto's Adventure to Jeff in an after-show.