• Does "Front to Back" mean-
    Yes. Yes it does.
  • How often do you record?
    Every other week.
  • How can I support your show?
    Rating the show on iTunes would be huge. Hugs are good too.

Those Responsible


Sam Davies

Sam is the father of two daughters (ages four and seven) and lives in Northside Richmond, Virginia. He and his wife Kat are trying their best to not raise sociopaths.

He writes for RVA News. Follow him on Twitter at @mrbeefy.


Jeff Mueller

Jeff Mueller lives in Portland with his wife, Miriam, and their two daughters. He desperately fears the cost of college tuition in 2030.

He writes at A Few Words. Follow him on Twitter at @jeffmueller.

Scott Williams

Scott has two girls, at 7 and 4 years old. He's hoping to raise them well enough that they'll be able to take care of him when he's old and feeble, which by his estimate will be in 5 years.

He keeps a blog and can be found on Twitter as @swilliams.